Blue Mansion

2011 oct holiday 795

I remember my brand new friend commenting with a sneer, ”A hundred-year house? Where I come from, we have buildings that are a thousand years old!” And he did not bother to visit.

I was mesmerised by the colours,  but also confused – hang on, weren’t things all black and white back then?!

Nothing lasts a thousand years in the tropics. Everything falls apart so soon that after a decade, you will have picturesque, crumbling ruins that scream for their photos to be taken.  Positively ancient. And there will always be a splash of colour.

The Blue Mansion simply captures the wind and the water, the colours, a little slice of Chinese-colonial history.  Just an hour of guided time travel.

You know what, if I had a chance, I would go back just a hundred years. When the jungles of Penang island were being cleared and the port was busy trading spices and fabrics and gems and timber with all over the world. I bet I could take even more colourful pictures.


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