Life with the Dragons

I’m a dragon. A fire dragon, of all things. I am supposed to go out there and conquer the world.

But instead, dragons are chasing me wildly. Sometimes stalking me secretly. Eating me up sneakily. Laughing into my face crazily. Taunting me trickily with glimpses and morsels of a life I don’t get to have.  Teasing me endlessly.  A part of me, inseparably.

gold black dragon

The story of my life is trying to get away from them, beat them, tame them, deal with them, make friends with them. Always running into something that consumes me and takes up everything to such an extent that there is nothing left for the dragons to prey on.

But in the meantime, I am gradually disappearing as well. I have less and less of an idea who I am.

Travelling puts me outside all these frames and mindgames, and I get to be me with less fear of consequences and broken friendships and failures and shattered windows. Also, more fear, still, of what else might be around the corner.

This blog is simply a picture book of my life with the dragons.


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