Guardians of Ancient Times

angkor guardians


Imagine you have Angkor in your back yard: your view, playground, neighbourhood, school, shelter. Home.


Is it a mere window, just like any other, or do you feel the ghosts of the centuries? Do you imagine it shuttered and gilded, a random thief sneaking in, a secret lover climbing out? Do you see the spirits looming? Kings, merchants, noblemen, monks, murderers, beggars passing by, leaving footprints and fragments of dreams and secrets long gone.


Or just a window, without the echo of anyone’s life, stones without memory? In a country that has almost managed to destroy its own history and heritage, would it be almost careless and heartless to overlook the lurking shadows, or a simple blessing?


Can you be a guardian of the ancient times if you can’t bear to carry the weight? Just the lightness of the moment and the timeless beauty itself….?



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