Winding Roads

If you have no clue where you are going, there is hardly any space to get disappointed about where you end up.

Maybe it is cliché, and predictable, and just being so boringly safe, but I am in love with Bali.

Narrow country roads winding up the volcanoes, snaking down to gorges, running by rice paddies, rows of flowers, spice gardens.


My Bali is simply the experience of getting lost on the gentle slopes and sharp ridges, and bumping into unexpected explosions of colour and life. No other place on this Earth is as alive and real and radiant and surprising and stunning (and you get the picture) as Bali.

It should all be alien and distant, but somehow, the everyday acts of artistically woven offerings, fragrant flowers, vibrant music, a splash of cool holy water in my cupped hands talk to me in a language that goes deeper than anything put into words.

IMG_4679 IMG_6766


So, these are some photos of places, views, sights and festivals I just bumped into.

Looking forward to returning. But scared to return.


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