Going in circles


Just because I cannot climb that mountain, it doesn’t mean my spirit is stuck forever at the bottom, too.


Considering it’s one of the biggest Buddhist pagodas in the world, and one of the most visited monuments in Indonesia, it is surprisingly easy to have this picture book all to yourself. Just wait until those groups float through in half an hour.


There is a way to circle and twirl your way up. Look at the stories as the rising sun strikes them and the figures come alive. Recognise some. Make your own for the others. And then when it gets too much, go into floating mode, almost definitely missing the one you were meant to see and get touched by.



 Scavenge bits and pieces of ancient legends and beliefs for your own purposes, pick and choose, you may say. Don’t we all do the same all the time anyway, living here in Asia long term. No ready-made answers, you need to take the puzzle pieces and reconstruct what makes sense for your heart. Make your own vows and promises and don’t take them from a book.

February full moon, today it’s about callings. Do I listen at all, or do I tend to brush them aside, trying to convince myself it is actually possible to hide. Take a seemingly easier path, or an overgrown, adventurous one. Get distracted by glitz and glitter, well, my versions of it, or do what I should have been trying to do all along. What can be collateral damage in the process, and what definitely should not be tossed aside. I’ve been going in circles year after year, but not quite the same circles, I might get somewhere eventually, like circling my way up to the top of the pagoda. At least I am having the illusion it’s uphill. In the end, maybe doesn’t even matter. 



On this day, there is that closure of glancing at what is awaiting at the top. So, what is the calling, was it clearly heard, or have I made my own little voices in my head.




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