Hermit crabs of the world unite!

Some of my best beach memories are from Ko Surin national park. I’m not a fan of sleeping in a tent in the tropics, but for that place, I would do anything.

2010 holiday 1269

The hermit crabs are beautiful. And hilarious, too. There is a severe shortage of empty shells. They are always fighting and looking for suitable housing. My mother had some really pretty shells from the mainland, clean and drying on a branch. Not for long….

2010 holiday 1179

But how do you evict an illegal tenant in the shape and form of a crab??

Then there are the tiny ones trying to blend in….

2010 holiday 1270

… and the fancy ones going for a spin….

2010 holiday 1464

…trying to break free….

2010 holiday 1470

Of course, any resemblance to my own life is purely coincidental. All the disguise, roleplay, fooling around, and experimenting…. throwing away a shell to try a new one, which proves to be worse, but there is no way back, the old one was already snapped up by another crab…

…. and then how on earth do you end up with something as inadequate as the giant crab on the very top?



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