Eyes of the beholder

The real beauty of the flower and the butterfly…. probably that it is not aware of its own beauty.

2008 malaysia 172

And that it doesn’t even need to be. Everything works and falls into place by itself. It’s irrelevant. Coincidental. God playing around and having fun.

2008 malaysia 256

Just a little bit of everyday wonder for those unfortunate creatures who do have a concept of beauty, however flawed and useless and hurtful.

2008 malaysia 201


2008 malaysia 231

Really wish I had the innocence of a butterfly. Or at least I could go back to that time in my life when I was confident, when I got a chance to believe that the world is beautiful, fair, kind and safe. That I am strong, warm and beautiful in a way that really matters, and it will be good enough to count. And I didn’t even know…

2008 malaysia 152

Sometimes I hope I am nothing but a butterfly’s dream.


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