Orange glow

Orange means the glow of candles, the sea of monks’ robes, nighttime walks up to the pagoda on the mountaintop to celebrate the May full moon, the cool pavement under my feet as I walk around the pagoda three times, reflection, warmth.


Doi Suthep is hardly a well-kept secret…. the real secret is going late in the afternoon, when there is that certain slant of light to bring to life the golden details and give depth to the colours.


Monks light up the night at the Shan wooden temple in the centre of Chiang Mai for the full moon holidays.


I’ll be home in Chiang Mai soon now….. and I am feeling so relieved and grateful that I have a home, and it has not been merely longing in vain. There was a reason why I left. There is a reason why I need to go back. I’m out of the time warp now. Looking back, two years, now it’s just a blink of an eye. Incredible. I need to light some candles.

Actually, I had some candles today. Last day at school, we kind of pretended it was my birthday. Except that the boys blew out all my candles, and I only wish I was 27, but we couldn’t find more candles in my drawer đŸ™‚


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