Moving on

I’ll come back with a blue and a purple day sometime from the Land of Internet That Works, if I ever manage to squeeze my life into a backpack, a suitcase, and a plastic thingie we used to call “homeless pack”, drag them to the airport, and get there (on Tuesday).

But the truth is, I don’t really have a life without school – and no matter how much I have been moaning, bitching, complaining and screaming, I still loved it there, and I feel lost without my students and colleagues. It always sucks when I am here in this limbo, trying to figure things out, and it’s no coincidence that usually I drag my backpack to school on the very last day and wake up on a beach (or airport floor in KL, with unlucky connections) the next day. I don’t give myself time to get gloomy. But now I need to go home to Chiang Mai and sort things out that I put completely on hold two years ago. (Like, myself?)

I wish I could write something nice about my students now, but the good things make me cry inconsolably, and the not so good things still make me angry. So I’ll just leave it like this, for now.



(The photos were taken on national day.)


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