The happiest day of my life

Oh, not today. I wish. I just wanted to remember something nice. Just a day when by accident, a curious mix of people, places, events and encounters come together, and something unforgettable emerges. It just happened, totally unexpectedly, in Moni, two years ago. I had been so scared to go to such a remote corner of Indonesia, but the fears disappeared within hours, as I found people who treated me like family. A piece of my heart was left there forever on that day….

….and I wish it hadn’t been shattered. I meant to return and stay. I really did. But it is not my decision anymore.





But actually, I’m hoping the best day of my life was not simply laughter and games, going to church, the hike to the lakes, walking down the mountain, meeting dozens of people on the way, more playing around with the Bintang Lodge family, then market and farewell the next morning.

Sometimes I’m hoping the best day of my life is yet to come. It is just so difficult to believe it, as I still think that I don’t really deserve anything good, it just happens to me by accident sometimes.

The photo in the header was taken a year and a half later, on a different day, a desperate and sad day, yet a beautiful day, as my spirit is free at Kelimutu, like a bird, and gains momentary release from all that is dragging it down.


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