Feeling blue

Blue is my favourite colour, and I was thinking how to get away from the obvious theme, but then I decided I don’t want to. I love the sea and I always keep wishing I could live by the sea sometime in my life. I always thought it would be the best place for a home and a family. But then, I’m starting to have multiple problems here with the details of this dream, aren’t I?

The Togeans holiday was the first time ever in my life that I could stay somewhere as long as I wanted. Almost. It was great, lasted three weeks – in the end, it was up to a broken ferry and some fuel shortage, and it was difficult to get out, but there are much worse places to be stuck at. It’s remote. It’s brilliant. It’s blue. Even the coral was blue, but no underwater camera on this trip. You can have the whole beach and the whole reef to yourself kind of place. I’m still looking for the next getaway now.









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