Things have been busy, and looks like this is a private little playground anyway, not entertaining the masses 🙂


I’m in Bali, and this time I was prepared for Kuta to hit me full-on in the face. And the waves, it’s all about the waves. But even amidst the noise, pushy vendors, horrendous traffic and rampant ripoffs in this village, I see those little moments.

I simply wish I also had rituals to keep the bad spirits at bay, and the good ones, close to home.


Even if it’s all your own making, only inside you…. the time and effort that goes into the little offerings, the prayers, going through the motions…. I’m quite sure it helps at least as much as a course of medications.

(Women pray at the sea every day to keep evil spirits away.)


Now that the island is preparing for new year festivities, and a day of silence, to keep it safe from evil spirits for another year – it is a great question to ask myself, what can I and will I do with the spirits lurking in every single corner, and out to get me and devour my soul almost every single minute?

Of course, in the next couple of days I will be visiting some of my favourite places and join some of the rituals that are open to outsiders.



I always go to Tirta Empul, and that one will be difficult, saying those same prayers again in the holy waters at this thousand-year-old temple (above).



I kind of wish I knew my spirits more intimately. Like, what their favourite food is to nibble on, which flowers and fragrances placate them, that they cannot move very well in zigzag alleyways but like lurking at crossroads, are scared of seawater and noise…. if you know them so well, it is possible to control them….


Still so much to learn from being here again. Happy and relieved to be “home”. Because this is also my home in a way. A place where I feel safe and where I know the roads to take me to places I like 🙂

(All the photos were taken on previous holidays, all over Bali.)


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