Cocky business

Before the night of the spirits’ visit, blood must be spilled, so cockfights are actually allowed. Not the wads of notes changing hands, but no surprises there. It was just a village road, with the village guards stopping the traffic between bouts. Socialising, and tying blades on the cocks’ feet….


  Ruffling some feathers….


And, mercifully, before I could snap another picture, one of them is lying dead…. headed for the pot.


I bet some of these men put more time and affection into their cocks (khm….) than to their wives, but that’s just speculation 🙂 Any odd village road, in the evenings, they are out there with their buddies and favourite pets, stroking them, playing practice runs, no blades, just lots of feathers flying.


And another quick win. Loser lies dead, winner takes off in headless chicken fashion, blade still attached, running down the road, with a dozen men chasing.


I guess not many people are this lucky, that it is all over so quickly, when the time comes…. and maybe for a greater good…..  (??)



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