I wish I could pray

I was a Sunday school dropout, my grandmother even didn’t talk to me for two years or so after I turned my back on the church.

But after all these years, I still wish I could balance my science education with spiritual inspirations and instincts, and my yearning to be free and independent with all the restrictions that inevitably come with joining a community. I want to belong, but not if I have to give up too much…. eat my cake and have it, too. And of course I would want guarantees, like with paracetamol (or, in a way, chocolate cake as well).

I wish that when I try to pray, I wasn’t feeling so alone, and I wish I could feel someone is really out there, listening, caring.

Crossroads ceremony before new year


Flowers…. I guess it is the religion that has turned this island into a flower garden….



Youngsters with monster hair pray before the giants’ parade



Spirits’ street view


I almost missed out on the moment the duck was thrown into the sea (again….) Those gray clouds call for some editing, to make the lights dreamy and blurry, I’ve never fidgeted with my photos before, but maybe I should learn.




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