Life’s a journey

I’ve had some rough days recently, but then, a couple of days of walking and two days on the motorbike turned me around, sort of. I feel like I would like to spread my wings and fly over this gorgeous paradise, take in everything, all the green, all the views, rice fields, orchards, gardens, gorges, volcanoes, forests.



I challenged myself to get to certain places with the following rules: 1, as little as possible on the main roads, 2, no backtracking or same stretch of road twice, 3, find new routes. And then it doesn’t matter how many tour buses are lined up at a certain spot, because I only need to move – literally – a hundred metres away, and I don’t see a single foreigner the whole day. Maybe two or three whizzing by on motorcycles. Tell me about Bali being overrun with tourists. Not my Bali 🙂 




And of course the journey itself is as beautiful as the destination, or sometimes maybe even more.

Destination: Jatiluwih rice fields



Destination: Batur volcano



Late afternoon glow, on the way home, just outside Ubud. Even with a map in hand, I got lost at least three times today (the map is not completely accurate, and there are hardly any signs), but who cares if this what I see.


I guess I could hang around a while longer 🙂



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