Just a blur

I’m not particularly good at slowing down, taking my time, but not stopping altogether – this is a fine balance I still need to practise. In the meantime, I play around with the “miniature” function on my camera. I like it because it kind of reflects how I see the world. Only certain details sharp and clear at a time, everything else is a complete blur. Still struggling to see everything clearly, not just different bits and pieces. The big picture. The whole thing. Almost hopeless.

Or, I could say the blur makes the photos feel like they were taken through my tears. Not that I’m crying, but maybe it would help if I was.

This is one of my favourite places, Gunung Kawi, the view on the way down to the bottom of the gorge….


…. and the giant, nearly thousand-year-old tombs on the bottom.


Prayers in the temple at Gunung Kawi.


Sacred pool at nearby Tirta Empul, another thousand-year-old sacred place with amazing spiritual powers floating around.


Tanah Lot, a temple protecting the island from the unpredictable spirits drifting in from the sea.


And one more favourite, another sacred spring at Sebatu. I like to come here in the afternoons just to sit in the shade and watch the people or read a book.



Now, again, I wish I could stay in Bali forever.



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