Complete randomness

Just a few photos I took during a daytrip.

My darling is finally here. But it’s like trying to keep the sun for myself. Even if I manage for a fleeting moment, I will end up burning and forever scarring my hands. How could I keep all the warmth of the sun? It’s consuming me. He belongs to everybody, his smile, boundless energy, positive vibe, reggae rhythm, all the joy and fun he can bring to people’s lives. How could I keep him all for myself, lock him up in my own little dim cage?

Now that I have dozens of puzzle pieces slowly fitting together, and what I believe is the truth about his life story…. maybe everything will make sense, I can slowly find the meaning of all the pain I went through in the past two years…. for a few moments of endless happiness. And I need to believe that it had to happen, there is a reason…. and I’m blessed that the sun was shining on me….










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