Lion kings

Burma’s lions are undoubtedly the most majestic, sometimes huge in size. First, I was joking that they look like they are scared, pulling back, escaping. But I was told they are actually ready to pounce. 


2010 holiday 1847

Yangon, Shwedagon pagoda


2010 holiday 3039

2010 holiday 3151

Awa (Inwa)



2010 holiday 1977


2010 bagan143

Here is a myth about its origins:

“A princess had a son through her marriage to a lion, but later abandoned the lion, who then became enraged and set out on a road of terror throughout the lands. The son then went out to slay this lion. The son came back home to his mother stating he slew the lion, and then found out that he had killed his own father. The son later constructed a statue of the lion as a guardian of a temple to atone for his sin.”

And then there are the curious lions on pagoda corners that have two bottoms. I don’t remember seeing these anywhere else.

2010 holiday 1893


And finally, lion dance for Chinese new year in my school in Yangon.


Thanks to my parents for some of the photos featured in this post, and also for keeping me company in Burma. I had been to scared to go on my own and dragged them along  🙂 Observant readers will find my mother and my stepfather in some of the images. I was hoping I would find more photos of lions from Yangon, but somehow I was never really in the mood to take pictures in that city. I’ll make up for it one day.

Looks like there is one more part coming up sometime. I didn’t realise Indonesia also has lions.

Part one:

Part two:



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