I don’t know what to say

This is simply hell on earth, so much misery and suffering and complete loss of dignity, living and dying on the streets, not just ritual dips and prayers, but shitting, sleeping, starving. And I knew it would be, and yet I wanted to come here and take a look. Mazochism? Disaster tourism? No idea. Glad to have a return ticket. And then sometime later I will make sense of it all. Maybe put my life in perspective. Though I’m not very good at that.



But there is joy in hell, and colours, and beauty, and good, caring people. Not simply black and white. Though you should be glad computers can’t transmit smells yet.




I see why some people love India. And I see why some people hate India. I’m told there is no middle way. I tend to think it’s possible to do both at the same time. I thought ok if I start with what everyone says is some of the most overwhelming – Varanasi – , then I will be able to deal with it more easily afterwards.


By the way, I know it is low season, but…. these notoriously annoying touts need to take advanced courses in being annoying. They are too polite, they know how to address people, and how to give up when I say no. Positively surprised on many counts here. Nothing but nice and polite people so far.



Morning prayers




Evening prayers


Bollywood extras taking a break – they had been acting out shouting and cheering. It’s around noon and the temperature is 44 degrees or so.


And some people really want their photo taken, though they are not movie stars.


My neighbourhood



Some pretty architecture, just need to look right up


And lots of colourful murals


Ritual shaving – still need to look it up, hundreds of people were getting a haircut today, men and women alike.


More to come…. hope the internet will be back soon. I have these first world problems that I have to pay for my own 3G at the moment….



2 thoughts on “I don’t know what to say”

  1. wherever you go, the colours are always around 🙂
    how many days are planned for india?
    are you feeling secured? (regarding your prior worries)

    1. of course there are always colours around, but sometimes the range of colours is striking 🙂 and I love colours. you would not remember, but even when everyone is wearing grey back at home, I’ve had a succession of cherry-red winter coats since I was about 10 years old. not that I need one now, but my family still has my last one. re: the other things, I replied to your usual mail.

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