Village view

Today I got this chance to look around the old village. As in many places, turns out it’s outsiders who operate the guesthouses and businesses in the new village, near the monuments. The locals don’t get much out of the deal. A young guy took me in his tuktuk and I let him charge me more than the normal price would be. (I also went to see more temples around, and I will write about Jain temples sometime later, I still need to learn more.)










Walls get these decorative motifs for weddings.




It’s a pretty place, actually. Lots of bright colours, and quite clean. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a single kid who didn’t want money. I gave them biscuits. Then a woman ripped the packet out of my hand. All this with the driver staying with me…. So, not an experience I would like to repeat, it’s just too unpleasant. And I’m not going to hand out money, it’s not right. I don’t like this situation, there will be no winners, no matter what I do or they do.






My driver


Goats and cows don’t give a shit (oops…. they do that one), but anyway, now you know why I have so many street views with goats and cows!



I wish I could write something more meaningful about all this, but I simply cannot…. So let me just add my initial snippets, like, my philosophical insights into India….

When I step into dung…. I actually hope it used to belong to a cow.

Masala looks the same when it comes out as it did when it went in. (I love it. But my stomach just doesn’t…..)

Sorry, too much shit. But somehow this aspect of the normal bodily functioning sort of comes to the forefront sometimes….

Now I know where the 12-based counting system came from (as opposed to decimal). People use it here for counting. It’s the three digits on your four fingers (the thumb is out), 3×4=12. I thought it must come from 10 fingers + 2 feet.

Nana mint is almost as good as fresh lassi.

And you don’t want to be in a cycle rickshaw that is having a friendly race with another cycle rickshaw!



One thought on “Village view”

  1. Nice one. The most profound thing that struck me was the innocence that still dwells in the village.The pictures of our villages tells a lot more than meets the eye. Actually they explains this much that the use words is a mere exaggeration.

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