Dreams in marble

Oh it’s not the Taj Mahal. It’s closed today. I went to another place, the name of which is hopeless to remember, where the marble work is said to be even more exquisite. It’s also a tomb. Quiet and serene place, with a bit of a park around, overlooking what’s left of the Yamuna river in this hot season.

I’m feeling very lonely, and every day I have less and less of an idea what to do with all this life. I thought, I really hoped it might get better as time goes by. How stupid of me.

If I die (when I die!), I don’t really insist on a marble tomb. But it would be nice to be remembered. But how can I hope to be remembered, given that I’m so forgotten even while I’m still alive?













I love the architecture, of course. I always like pretty things. Marble! Shiny! Colours! Floral! –  Always the superficial girl.

By the way, whoever says marble is cool most definitely didn’t have to walk on it barefoot in the scorching sun.

Soon off to see more marble.



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