Wrong turns

My life is a story of wrong turns – accidental, intentional. Sometimes they lead to adventures. Sometimes to disasters. Sometimes both at the same time. I’m an expert.

I’m in India at the moment because I insisted on taking a turn that I knew full well I should not be taking. And now I’m putting myself through it and trying to get something out of it. Something good. A life experience. All along knowing that I’m not where I should be, absolutely not at all.

I’m doggedly pursuing my wrong turns until I can squeeze something good out of them. And in the process, sometimes, I end up deeper and deeper into the mud. Never escaping, making the run early enough. Never one to give up a wrong decision until it gets the worst possible.

I have no idea why. Ok, I do have a few vague guesses.

These photos are from a wrong turn that I took by accident, and which led me to adventure, friendship, and a heartbreak. This is where actually I became the fearful dragon.

2010 Jan jungle flight 043

2010 Jan jungle flight 092

2010 Jan jungle flight 216

2010 Jan jungle flight 249

2010 Jan jungle flight 446

I guess this is a wrong turn I should be regretting, given what happened afterwards (during the last world cup final, too, now that I think of it). But how could I regret this? The sense of flying, screaming, being free? And how could I regret anything at all? Then pretty much nothing would be left of my life.

Daily writing challenge  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/wrong-turns/



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