Careful what you wish for

In the land of so many powerful gods and djinns, and yet, doesn’t look like a lot of prayers are coming true. Or, maybe, people are wiser and know better what to wish for?




Details from Amber fort and City Palace (Jaipur)

Last time I went to a shrine where people make wishes, I didn’t make one. Why would I? The gods are looking on us indifferently. Or, they grant us anyway what they know we need, irrespective of what we ask for. Totally in vain trying to interfere with destiny.


In Fatehpur Sikri, people make wishes by tying threads to the delicate marble lattice windows around the shrine of a sufi saint, who is said to have granted the king the birth of a male heir.

So many times I made promises and wishes, I got them back all twisted, like someone out there is laughing at me. Not malignantly, but playing around. I’m not really asking anymore.




Ganesha everywhere on the walls of Jaisalmer

Not sure about what it is, gods or fate. Faith or fate.



All I can say, if you want me to grant you a wish, come and ask for it, and then we’ll see if it’s simply meant to be. Like the cow in the header, banging on the door with its nose. How would I know what you want or need if you don’t tell me? And if even the gods mess it up, so many times, then why would you trust my power? Just careful what you wish for. Small things. And the big things, that’s not our playground. Even if I was a genie with magic powers.



Paintings at Galtaji (monkey temple) in Jaipur

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