I went back to school for the first time since early March, and meeting people from my old life stirred up an awful lot of memories. Whatever happened here, I still belong to this place, and I have a family here – as long as there are still people around who remember me. Not sure how long that will last, though.

This is just a completely random collection of photos from 2006 to 2012. Many of these kids are already in grade 7 now.

Maybe I miss school just a little bit now. What I definitely don’t miss is the workload, the classes of 32 kids, the last-minute announcements and other bullcrap from management… just the “everyday life” bit. Not many illusions left. But I love looking at photos just now, and remembering these kids 🙂





2011 dec party 203

2011 halloween 046

2011 halloween 069





august3 009

august10 016

2008 nov school 165

2008 dec school 036


2008 dec school 092

2008 dec school 101

2008 dec school 121

2008 dec school 132

2008 dec school 143

2008 dec school 174


2008 dec school 393


2008 dec school 396

2008 dec school 544



2 thoughts on “Echoes”

    1. I think I did post pics like that a year ago on facebook, on my last visit. Not easy. Unfortunately, there is extremely high turnover, up to half leave at the end of Kindergarten, and only about 15-20% remain by the end of primary. (Lots of schools in town in a cutthroat battle for a limited number of upper-middle class families.)

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