Home is where somebody misses you

I really didn’t want to come back for a visit, but in the end, I had to, and I forced myself.  And now I’m feeling so relieved, something that has been bugging me since March is gone, and it is hopefully going to be easier now to figure out who I am and what I want.

I’m still a teacher. I haven’t been feeling like one since I left in March.

Now that I know I will be leaving soon, I can enjoy and appreciate Yangon. I already know it well enough to get around and not to fear it. I feel safe. And as always, the people are so welcoming. Not only the people I know but everybody in the streets. Just like before.

I wish I could have felt at home here but I simply just didn’t. Sometimes you can’t explain these things. It is what it is.

(I have been unable to upload more photos this evening. )

2013-12-20 14.36.24




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