Time for a nap

Time for a nap…. pretty much anytime, anywhere. I’m becoming an honorary Asian in this respect. I can sleep on any airport floor now :-/ and have even tried the odd temple or pagoda for an afternoon siesta, yes. No problems lying on the floor. None at all.




Also important: nobody’s gonna steal your shop to pieces while you are asleep. Reminds me of the story of a colleague who was selling newspapers on weekends to support his hobby of being a teacher, and his profits were easily wiped out by thieves if he was not careful. While awake….




2010 holiday 2866



And that’s some Archeology Department staff after lunch, not in a big hurry to finish excavations.




A younger sibling on a school floor.

2010 holiday 1952

2010 holiday 2110

2010 holiday 2565

Choose your favourite place and position 🙂



2 thoughts on “Time for a nap”

  1. i like it. it’s a shame, that it’s a shame in europe to sleep. specially during daily hours. kind of a sign of your laziness. and laziness is like a deadly sin. being lazy interpreted as being morally corrupt.

    1. right. couldn’t agree more. I especially enjoy not being told off for taking a nap at work. and I find it really really really impressive that nothing will go missing while a vendor is asleep. people just leave the money (or wake them up of course).

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