Wishing it was home

Oops, sorry, this is hopeless.



Ok, not quite. Just too busy here…. trying not to go nuts. Still many things to do to get the guesthouse running.  And the worst emotional rollercoaster ever. I still feel like the most evil person in the whole world. Blablabla. Nothing new here.

Handmade ikat is still a big thing here. Sure to get extinct soon, Chinese blankets and clothes are so much cheaper than putting in weeks and weeks of work.



Or, who knows. Many local ladies wear their best ones every night for evening prayers. It’s Mary’s month, every evening they get together at a different house, and in every village, you hear people singing hymns and praying, from a different corner of the neighbourhood.






IMG_8433  IMG_8432

Some more village, people and beach pics. I will try to carry a camera around town as well, but it’s more difficult to pull off, for me at least. I don’t wanna stick a camera into the faces of the old ladies who sell me tempe and vegetables and fish. Out in the villages, they get a share of village entry donations for these glimpses, in an organised way.






I have this restaurant photo from last year. Buffet local style. But this week actually I prefer cooking my own fish and vegetables. These places always serve tons of rice, and no tomatoes, and some dead vegetables only, and a little piece of fish. Still very cheap and good, and maybe next week I won’t enjoy cooking anymore so I’ll go back.


Returning to favourite spots



Ok, I’m not officially the worst blogger ever.



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