Life’s a beach

Now that my adventure days are temporarily on hold for a while, I’ve spent quite a bit of time reminiscing about my early years in Thailand, and trying to recall all the boat trips and quiet beaches that have since been overshadowed by the dramatic, overwhelming beaches and islands in Indonesia (which are, of course, in a class of their own).

Thaifold 467

Contrary to popular belief, not all the boats I set foot on end up sinking. This one called Duangta is still afloat and roaming the Similan Islands National Park. It is the best snorkelling liveaboard ever, ok, well, largely owing to the fact that there were no lifejackets and emergency “abandon ship” commands in the middle of the night during a storm, but then, even that counts for something… although the reefs were a bit less spectacular.

2008 march holiday 452

2008 march holiday 464

2008 march holiday 487

2008 march holiday 499

2008 march holiday 501

2008 march holiday 540

2008 march holiday 541

… the rest are just random miscellaneous places from all over Thailand 🙂

The famed Khao Lak, a few years after the tsunami….

2008 march holiday 614

Ko Chang, way back, ten years ago….




And the stunningly deserted low-season sands of Ko Muk….

2011 oct holiday 107

2011 oct holiday 122

(In the header: Ko Pha Ngan sans the full moon drunken crowds.)


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