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Spring explosion

Never really had the patience, all over these months, to take photos properly. Just a few minutes of playing around with snapshots, then lost interest. Even now, can’t really be bothered to choose the very best. But anyway, it took me by surprise, all over again, how quickly everything grows and changes and develops here. Everything is in constant turmoil and perpetual transformation. Forget the papayas that take over half a year to ripen, the flowers that keep blooming for weeks and weeks, the fruits whose seasons last half a year. Here, it is all out for a day, or a week, and then all gone, on to the next flower, the next fruit. Constantly in a hurry, constantly kind of “mourning” the loss of something that won’t come back for another year. It’s a very different state of mind. Very difficult for me to try to adjust. Feels like I’m losing something every single second, there is no time to get used to or get bored of anything, need to grab every moment to admire and exploit and gobble it up, before it is gone, before it is too late. I don’t even know what my favourite fruit is, never had the chance to find out, I just always devour the one that happens to be available this week. Over in Thailand, I did manage to figure out that it is mangoes and grapes. Because I had the time to figure it out….

In any case, I still did have the state of mind to contemplate how on earth it is possible that tiny seeds grow into giant plants, and they know exactly what to do and what shape of leaves to grow and when it is time to develop flowers and what kind of fruits those will transform into. I did advanced biology all right, and I know the theory, but I still have no idea how it is really possible at all in real life.

And of course, it also applies to my son, how can two people whose lives and personalities barely intersect still create something nearly perfect out of two single cells? It still baffles me. Completely.












Dazzling whites

I believe last year I skipped whites from my colour series. In the tropics, it is really easy to overlook, put it down as a conspicuous lack of colour, but sometimes in the strong and dazzling December sun, even the whites dance and shine.

The elaborate dragon motifs on the temple roof are Chiang Rai’s famed White Temple, and most of the flower photos were taken at the New Year flower festival on the same day, among the million reds, oranges, pinks and purples – still one of my favourite events in Thailand.

Bonus photo at the very end: my sister’s snow white deaf cat (one blue eye, one yellow eye, still hoping to take a good photo of him one of these days soon).

2011 dec chiang rai 035

2011 dec chiang rai 002

2011 dec chiang rai 010

2011 dec chiang rai 025


2011 dec chiang rai 008   2011 dec chiang rai 031  2011 dec chiang rai 037

2011 dec chiang rai 098

2011 dec chiang rai 274

2011 dec chiang rai 279

2011 dec chiang rai 236  2012 Feb Chiang Mai 122

2010 macskak 043


May in the garden

Nope, I haven’t been entangled into a time warp, unfortunately; these photos date back to my first spring with my first ever digital camera. All of them were taken in our garden. At the moment, in real time, it’s just the first shoots, buds and leaves, and a carpet of violets, which is pretty but doesn’t really translate to a photo, so I really wanted to remind myself what is still coming.












Vibrant colours

Feels like I’m super busy and super tired, though all I’m doing is growing my son, bouncing back and forth between doctors and their stupid documents, cooking the occasional meal, and watching stupid movies…. there are storms of tropical proportions in my heart and mind, and it takes heaps of energy to try to keep up at least a semblance of sanity.

These tropical lights are difficult. Harsh and unforgiving during the day, no escape, but you still want to capture those moments dear to your heart. Giving you that golden hour at dusk, when you wish your entire being was a huge camera, able to absorb and reflect back all those lights. Stunning you out of your senses when the clouds roll in.

I don’t know why my destructive, overwhelming, unbearable attraction to the dramatic and over-the-top. Places, colours, people, experiences. Even to me, it does not seem to follow naturally from my personality. Still a mystery. But it is what it is. My life blown to pieces, my heart still yearning for those glimmering lights and colours that make me feel alive.

It’s gonna be fine, but being stuck this way, halfway, between two lives, just waiting… it’s sometimes more than I can take….




IMG_3701 IMG_3599  IMG_3624  IMG_3656  IMG_3718  IMG_3741  IMG_3770



IMG_4029 IMG_3995


Market day in Moni

This post is dedicated to David, who is a fan of the Asian market experience 😉


Moni is a tiny village serving as “base camp” for trips to the famous colour-changing Kelimutu lakes. On Mondays, people from the nearby mountain villages as well as the seaside fishing settlements come to trade fish, vegetables, fruits, and general household items. Definitely no supermarkets around here. But everything is super fresh, and you definitely won’t get sick of pesticide overdose here.



I wonder how many years before these handmade ikat sarongs and blankets, which take weeks to to weave, will be completely replaced by cheap Chinese junk.



For half a day, the village is complete chaos and mayhem. Not really for lack of space, more like lack of common sense, they also block the main road of the island as well. Way too many people in way little space. But it’s a nice experience. Even a shabby place like this is exploding with colours. The thing I miss the most now that I had to come back to Europe after 12 years of Asia. All those colours…..



IMG_8620 IMG_8629





IMG_8652  IMG_8659

Sandcastles for new year

If you google Thai new year, or songkran, this is not the kind of photo you will find in abundance, but it is still one of my favourite things about April. People originally used to build mini and giant sandcastles in temple yards to make up for the loss of soil washed away during the course of the previous year. Now it’s just a tradition. The flags are decorated with the 12 animals of the zodiac, and traditional northern Thai patterns.

One of the reasons I love Chiang Mai is that it is a modern city with all sorts of amenities and services, but it also keeps traditions alive.  🙂




















Yangon reloaded

As the plane landed with a bump, and soon I found myself surrounded by pesky taxi drivers in the seemingly never-ending drizzle, my heart didn’t simply sink, it dropped like a rock.




What on earth am I doing here, why didn’t I stay with my Thai family, didn’t I try to apply for my old job, why didn’t I just choose a completely different life, why do I have to be here again, why did a person I trusted screw up my luggage problems. It’s all so unfair.



I never really liked Yangon but I put up with it for the job. And now that I’m allowed to feel what I want, and there is no need to keep strong, all sorts of emotions hit me like gale force winds.




I’ve always admired it as a resilient, cheerful city. I’ve always appreciated the calm, friendly people with their open faces and helpful manners. I’ve always smiled passing by the little cafes where men sit down for a chat and tea in the evenings, the young lads playing football in the narrow lanes, the colourful little markets selling everything from thousands of nuts and bolts to frilly pink baby clothes (sorry my pics are mostly food).


It has loads of character and it’s so easy to get by and get things done and go places. It’s familiar and safe enough, and at this point, that helps. None of those challenges of India.



But I always hated living here, from the very first day until the very last one, and I am not even sure why. I was always very lonely and very sad here, always longing to be somewhere else. But it was me, not the city.




Having said this all, knowing that I’m out of here soon helps. Today I was happy taking photos, I really enjoyed familiar sights, including echoes and bits and pieces of a tame and cleaner version of India, and I am excited about meeting old friends. But that’s it. A very ambivalent return that could still go either way.